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BPI Building Analyst / Energy Auditor Training & Certification Classes

bpi building analyst energy auditor trainingBPI Building Analyst and Energy Auditor Training and Certification course offers trainees the chance to take the principles of energy efficiency to the next level by becoming Certified BPI Building Analysts.  

BPI Energy Audits are instrumental to identifying residential problems such as gas and carbon monoxide leaks, poor indoor air quality, energy inefficiency, and other structural deficiencies.  The course covers fundamental principles of energy and building science through technical instruction on how to optimize airflow and quality, moisture regulation, lighting appliance energy savings and expertise in combustion testing and safety. 

The BPI Building Analyst (BA) class will offer in-class training on the principles of energy efficiency, the BPI method and an understanding of the “house-as-a-system” approach as designed by BPI.  This class also provides students with the unparallel opportunity for hands-on field training to apply the fundamental principals learned in the classroom to an actual residential home while performing a live energy audit.  The blend of classroom and field training will ensure retention of accrued knowledge through practical implementation of hands-on simulated field models. 


 Time Day 1   Day 2  Day 3 Day 4   Day 5
 8-12  Principals of Building Science   The Energy Audit Process and Air Flow Basics  Field Training Blower Door and Manometer  Field Training  Review
Noon  Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break  Lunch Break  Lunch Break
 1-5  Building Shell and the Thermal Envelope  Combustion Safety and Building Systems Overview  Field Training Combustion Appliance Zone Testing  Field Training  Written Test