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BPI Building Analyst / Envelope Professional Training

BPI building analyst & envelope trainingHome Star Training offers a unique building performance training program that includes BPI Building Analyst Certification Training and BPI Building Envelope Professional Training.

This comprehensive training program covers two of BPI's most popular and prominent certifications, and can put you ahead of the competition by preparing you for each of these certifications simultaneously.

BPI Building Analyst Certification is BPI's most popular building performance certification. This part of the training covers combustion safety testing, indoor air quality, building durability, energy efficiency, moisture management, and the rest of the fundamentals of building science. The Building Analyst certification training provides trainees with a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career in the home performance industry.

The BPI Envelope Professional certification training also covered in this training package goes more in-depth into evaluation and remediation of the building envelope - covering air leakage, insulation, how to identify and quantify energy loss through the envelope, HVAC performance, and building durability and safety issues relating to the building envelope.

The unique Building Analyst / Envelope Professional training offered by Home Star Training is a cutting-edge training program that puts trainees well on their way towards expertise in building science and a successful career in the home performance industry.


 Time Day 1   Day 2  Day 3 Day 4   Day 5
 8-12  Principals of Building Science   The Energy Audit Process and Air Flow Basics  Field Training Blower Door and Manometer  Field Training  Review
Noon  Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break  Lunch Break  Lunch Break
 1-5  Building Shell and the Thermal Envelope  Combustion Safety and Building Systems Overview  Field Training Combustion Appliance Zone Testing  Field Training  Written Test