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ENERGY STAR Certification

Energy Star Home CertificationWhile there are many things that can be important to both home buyers and sellers, often the biggest factors are realted to costs. "How much money will X cost me?" "Can I save money if we have Y at our house?" These are all important things to think about, as a house is an expensive purchase.

However, one particular expense that many neglect to consider is energy expenditures. That fridge that your new house has may look nice on the outside, but it may be leaking away valuable dollars that, in this economy, can be hard to come by.

That's why having your home ENERGY STAR certified can be of immense value. A win for both the seller and the buyer, ENERGY STAR certification can distinguish your home from others in regards to both energy efficiency and innovation. Additionally, from a buyer's standpoint, ENERGY STAR certification signifies that a potential home is energy efficient and up to the latest standards. ENERGY STAR helps sellers make valuable dollars while giving the buyers a better-quality product. Everyone wins.

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