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HERS Rater Certification Training

HERS Rater TrainingHome Star Training offers HERS Rater Training for individuals, businesses and groups. The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) program provides energy ratings for new and existing buildings, much like a miles-per-gallon rating for homes and commercial buildings. With many energy efficient and green building certification programs requiring HERS Ratings, including the Energy Star Homes certification, acquiring HERS Rater certification is a powerful way to get involved in the burgeoning energy efficient building market. 

The HERS Rater training course offered by Home Star Training prepares you and/or your employees for HERS Rater Certification by focusing on the fundamentals of building science, with training tailored to the specific needs of prospective HERS Raters. The course covers building diagnostic techniques, buiding science fundamentals, and energy efficiency analysis, and includes training for blower door testing, thermal infrared imaging, building envelope analysis, and more.

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