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Programs & Incentives

home performance with energy starThere are a number of regional, state and national programs across the country providing incentives for homeowners to implement energy-saving home improvements. 

The majority of these programs, including Home Performance with Energy Star, require that participating contractors hold certification from BPI and/or RESNET. 

Funded largely by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Home Performance programs across the country are intended to create jobs while allowing homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements that will save money on energy costs, help communities by keeping money in local economies, improve home comfort and health, and reduce our dependence on dirty fuel sources. By acquiring BPI and/or RESNET certification, you can get on board.


In addition to existing programs, including the Home Performance with Energy Star programs that exist in many states and regions, either through utilities, local governments, or state governments, there is a national program called the HOMES Act (Home Owner Managing Energy Savings Act) that has been making its way through Congress. If enacted, this program would provide generous incentives to homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The proposed legislation requires that participating contractors hold certification from BPI, so if you'd like you or your business to take part in the program, which is projected to create thousands of jobs nationwide, you'll need to get certified.

25E: The Cut Energy Bills at Home Act

The Cut Energy Bills at Home Act is a piece of legislation that has been introduced to the Senate with bipartisan support. 25E is a tax credit that provides up to $5,000 per project to homeowners who have energy-saving home performance upgrades conducted on their home by a qualified participating contractor. It is a performance-based incentive, so the amount of the tax credit is determined by the degree to which the home improvements save energy. To participate in the program, contractors must be certified either by RESNET or by BPI. Get certified here.